Viola, Susan and Christine are Orphans from Pukuka village Yei, South Sudan. I knew these young girls when I was their Sunday school teacher in the United Methodist Church Pukuka, Yei South Sudan.

July 2016 was a very difficult time for the people of South Sudan and in particular citizen of Yei. The political situation in South Sudan during that time deteriorated and affecting the security of the civil population. Many people decided to exodus to exile in the neighboring countries of yei such as Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

My Daddy Chris Hurley and the loving and generous people of the Tennessee USA pulled resources together to facilitate people fleeing the terrible situation. I was on the ground and made it happened. We extracted thousands of the people who were trapped, and they made it to safety.

This story started with Viola who was the one why all of those people were saved because I asked Chris to help me save Viola’s life and it turned out to be thousands of people rescued. I believe that God was using her to be a bridge to others and so shall it be forever. Outside of our village I always found her on the stream we share and that was when I started to pay attention to her early life. Viola is a quiet and hard working person who was living life of mistreatment from her uncles because she is an orphan like me To eat she made her own garden. She was forced to fetch water with bigger Jerrycans. they wanted her to get hurt and die. There were a lot of things going around (in) Viola’s life that I was observing and I felt sad for her. She was beaten like me and stayed hungry and forced to do work which couldn’t be done by a kid of her age – much like me. I guess that is why I care so much. I don’t know about sexual mistreatment because I was not living with her in the same house.

At that time, Viola was 11years old, Christine Awate was 6years old and Susan Nyoka was 9years old. I didn’t really know them but these girls got themselves to the trucks I sent to bring the people and they made it to Uganda without their parents or guardians. Because of the tensions, everyone was running for their dear lives and no one was minding about any other person. Many young children and old men and women who was unable to find their way to safety where left to died. This is what happened to Christine and Susan because of all those struggles, nobody was willing to help anyone. When the trucks unloaded no one claimed them. They were barely alive really and I felt what what these girls went through from the hands of strangers was unfair, they were too young to take care of themselves. I tried to raise their cases to the UN officials and the other humanitarian agencies and they were busy dealing with what seemed like millions of people, I did not got helped with the girls and my EMPATHY can’t allow me ignore those young girls because their situation reminded me of my past when I was in the same situation like them. I end up taking them to my single room house in Kampala and stayed with them. I shared my everyday one plate of meal with them and I thank God that we are all alive and healthy.

These young girls have got a story to tell when they are given the support. They will inspire the world by their life experience and stories. That is why they need a life with education and health. They need to grow up to tell their stories and help others.

I was once was like them, homeless with no parents but Chris Hurley stepped into my life and help me out and my story is inspiring the world. We can change each other situation and make the world a better place to live in. you will not see how much your contribution will help someone, but God knows. Let us open our hearts and help these girls. God will bless your life.