Betty Asha is 26 years old and received an American Student Visa in March of 2019 for four years of study. She is a devout Christian, mother and Sudanese “superstar.” Presently she is unmarried but with many unique responsibilities of a person well beyond her age. These responsibilities extend back to her adopted home country of Uganda where she has a 2-year son Christopher, and 3 adopted daughters Christiana 9, Susana 11, and Viola 14. Along with her American Father, Mr. Chris Hurley, Betty is the sole provider for them back in Uganda where they have been placed in a year-round school.

She also has won international recognition for saving the lives of almost her entire village from extension. As such she can be easily Goggled with multiple hits from many different countries news services – primarily BBC World Service, HOW Africa, and many local news services in England, Germany, Africa, Canada and now the United States. She is enrolled in the 2019 Freshman Class at Maryville College after having received a 4 year International Scholarship. Along with her very unique humanitarian experiences she presently is studying International Business Administration and Management and Political Science. Her intention is to master the multi-disciplinary relationships between the Public Sector and Private Sector.

Such an understanding will allow her to return to her native country – South Sudan – to bring both government and industry into a better working relationship for the benefit of all her people.

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