To whom it may concern,

My name is Betty Asha Moses, I’m a South Sudan national, and currently a student at Maryville College. I’m pursuing a double major degree in International Business and Political Science. Briefly about myself, I’m an international hero who rescued 2296 of my people of Yei, South Sudan from an active war zone in 2016. My story was told in Africa, Germany, England and Canada. I was interviewed by many radios in Uganda including the BBC World News Service. For more information about me, please visit this website:

The initial purpose of this letter is to explain my action of helping my people. I’m passionate about offering voluntary humanitarian services to people where I can, and besides, I’m training to be a role model, and a world leader. I believe that the most important quality of a leader is to lead by example and I’m practicing my leadership skills by being an example to others. I feel like it is perhaps more important to be a role model, a leader during times of adversity, tough times like this of pandemic. We all need one another in one way or the other.

Please consider my request to help God’s people.


Betty Asha