Betty Asha’s life is one of saving and being saved. A native of the South Sudan village of Yei, she saved herself from a forced marriage and life of servitude at age 13, though she was severely beaten and ostracized for her defiance. She was saved from isolation in the jungles of South Sudan by an American Missionary from Maryville Tennessee.   She in return saved members of her village which was an active war zone by transporting almost than 2,300 to a UN refugee camp in Uganda. Later, she saved them again (twice) from starvation by arranging food deliveries to them during the COVID-19 pandemic, when supply chains problems resulted in deliveries being halted.

Now, Betty is completing her education at Maryville College in Tennessee. She hopes one day to return to Africa and save her people yet again.  Maybe by helping them develop a rural community that provides income and equality, education and opportunity to its members. The American Support for Humanitarian Africa Children’s Foundation was established to help her achieve this goal.

The ASHA Children’s Foundation’s mission is to empower young children, especially young girls, by creating for them education and life opportunities, thus allowing them to take control of their personal lives for the betterment of primarily all women in eastern Africa.  It also aims to a partner in a collaborative mission of raising the health and prosperity of all in her African home by working with all possible government and private entities.

This story is a developing one and requires the will of others to join in its creative development to work with Betty Asha to ultimately become successful – TO CREATE A NEW NORMAL.  Much more to come……she won’t quit, and we shouldn’t either.