Frustrated after almost 3 years and 3 failed tries to gain a Student Visa – and as a part of a larger letter writing plan by my father and others in East Tennessee  – In early 2019 and with not so good English I wrote the following to Mrs. Trump:

Dear Mrs Trump,

My name is Betty Asha Moses Adullyi, I’m an orphan from South Sudan requesting for a student visa to come to America for a college education.

I have four(4)  years scholarship in Maryville college, Tennessee but the problem is your state of department won’t let me in to the United states of America. I have tried for three(3) times and I’m trying one more time.

I know many of you thinks that I want to stay forever in the United States but trust me, I do not have any intentions or plan to someday become a citizen of the United State of America.

My purpose of going there to study is clear. I’m only coming to study political science and business management. I will then use my newfound degree to obtain job in my fledgling government. I will then use that job as means to lead my country. My plan is to raise from education and lead my country South Sudan.

Believe it or not, I have thousands of people, my villagers and country- men, boys and girls who are depending on me. Please read my BBC story of August 2016. I have a lot of responsibilities back home. I’m a role model, a mentor, a transformer and leader. I came out from a community where young girls are treated with general disdain. Young girls are traded like cattle in to force marriages. I refuse such treats and as results of refusal to be traded, I suffered severe beatings and therefore, I become the first graduate from high school and University in the history of my Village and therefore, I must return and save my people.

Mrs Trump, I need an American education to know how to educate, transform, bring hope to the hopeless (especially young girls) and protect my people when I return.

To know more about me and my stories, I refer you to my Dad Chris Hurley in Maryville, Tennessee. He helps me.

Thank you Mrs Trump

May God bless you for helping me help my people.